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No one knows your lift trucks better than you do. So why shouldn’t you choose the best service to keep them running efficiently?

That’s the idea behind our Raymond Asset ProtectionTM* program. It lets you select the coverage that fits your fleet. So you can maximize performance while locking in affordable, predictable service costs.

Standard Warranty Coverage

The best factory protection in the industry for your new truck. Year one begins with fork-to-bumper protection. The next two years provide Powertrain protection for up to a maximum of 3,000 hours.

Three Levels of Added Protection

Scheduled Service

All the essential inspections and maintenance recommended by Raymond and executed by your authorized Sales and Service Center. We inspect and maintain your trucks at specified intervals and help minimize major mechanical issues — before they happen.

Comprehensive Service

Complete, expert service for every part of your truck including scheduled maintenance, parts and one fixed monthly cost.

Optimal Service

The ultimate protection and productivity designed to fit your specific business needs. Select from a complete menu including fork-to-bumper protection, information analysis, and fleet optimization tools. Your Raymond Sales and Service Center will help you develop the right program to increase productivity and drive down costs.


* Not applicable to all models. For applicability, consult with your Raymond authorized Sales and Service Center. For additional information about Raymond Asset Protection and its components (Standard Warranty Coverage, Scheduled Service, Comprehensive Service and Optimal Service)see topic specific pages in this brochure.

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