Medical / Pharmaceutical: Your Priorities Are Our Priorities

 Retail Overview

 Retail Overview

For superior precision and efficiency, Johnston Equipment is just what the doctor ordered.

Our expert material handling solutions deliver exceptional cube utilization, throughput and efficiency. Plus, with iWarehouse® , your security concerns are lessened as our monitoring system limits access to authorized personnel only, allows for electronic tracking of OSHA required operator's daily checklist and tracks operator activities.

Our Automated Systems enable you to store a large number of SKU's in a small space and automate the picking process. Our Storage Solutions Group offers a wide selection of racking and shelving as well as a complete catalogue of MRO products to meet any medical facility’s needs.

Raymond® and BT trucks provide your operators with intuitive controls, superior visibility, and precise maneuvering capabilities. Narrow aisle and very narrow aisle electric lift trucks are particularly well-suited for the extremely clean, controlled manufacturing and distribution environments in the Medical and Pharmaceutical industries. Our trucks handle high value inventory and meet the needs of customers who have little or no tolerance for product damage – and they do so with superior productivity and outstanding cost-savings.

What Kardex Users Have to Say

Like all medical device manufacturers, Depuy Distribution must comply with a wide range of quality assurance procedures as well as pass inspections from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration and maintain their ISO certification.

DePuy has created several internal quality control policies that must be followed to meet these standards. Quality and accuracy objectives are supported by a combination of automated materials handling systems including Shuttle Vertical Lift Modules (VLM), Vertical Carousels and Horizontal Carousels that work together to fill 2,200 orders per night.

VLM’s, Vertical Carousels and Horizontal Carousels have helped DePuy support over 500,000 surgeries per year and 2,200 orders per night.

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