Refrigerated Warehousing: Proven Solutions For Extreme Conditions

 Retail Overview

 Retail Overview

No one handles refrigerated warehouses better than Johnston.

The Refrigerated and Frozen sectors are amongst the most challenging aspects of global food distribution. Whether you are a public refrigerated warehouse professional, a grocer, or a food manufacturer, Johnston has the products and services to best meet the technical specifications for your cold chain needs.

Refrigerated warehouses, blast freezers and other cold chain storage applications require robust control systems and lift trucks that are intelligently designed to be tough. Raymond maintains its own in-house cold storage test facility allowing us to replicate the harshest conditions — and continually test and prove our systems in extreme cycles of freezing and thawing.

Plus, the superior performance, robust control systems and unmatched reliability of Raymond® lift trucks in freezer environments helps keep their operations at peak efficiency.

The outstanding energy efficiency of a Raymond AC-powered Reach-Fork® truck is especially well suited to cold storage applications. Raymond's optional cold storage conditioning package protects your lift truck's control systems when used in cold storage environments, Raymond also has customizable iron, steel and plastic protection options.

Take the heat into cold storage

Keeping your operators as comfortable and productive as possible in unheated warehouses and freezer environments of -1°C to -29°C can be achieved with the optional Raymond ThermaKit™ system. With the ThermaKit system, a heated control handle and floor pad provide the warmth that allows the operator to wear lighter weight gloves for enhanced mobility.

We offer a wide selection of racking, shelving and warehouse products in addition to our line of Raymond and BT lift trucks for cold environments.

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