Storage Solutions: Mezzanines / Catwalks

Mezzanine structures and catwalks

Take your warehouse to a new level with Johnston's selection of Structural and Metalsistem mezzanines and catwalks. Maximize your manufacturing and storage space economically. By increasing floor space your employees will have room to work properly, improving workflow and productivity. Mezzanines are engineered for maximum strength, stability and function.

Metalsistem Mezzanines/Catwalks

Design a structure that fits your warehouse and your needs. Combining light weight with high strength, Metalsistem Mezzanines and Catwalks provide countless configurations to maximize warehouse capacity. All structural components are manufactured from certified high tensile steel and units come complete with handrails and staircases. In house design and professional installation teams are available. For smaller projects see the Metalsistem Shelving section.
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Structural Mezzanines

Custom-designed to suit your needs, these mezzanines have a modular design that allows you to reconfigure for future growth and ensures easy assembly/disassembly. With a variety of customizable accessories your needs are always met. Standard handrails are available in 2-rail, 3-rail or welded mesh with kick plate design. Staircases are assembled easily with nut and bolt connections and along with handrails meet the following codes: BOCA, IBC, OSHA, UBC and CNBC. Swing or slide open gates put a safety barrier between employees and dangerous free fall areas. Decking material is available in a variety of finishes.
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