Battery Accessories & Maintenance
  • You Need NON-STOP Power!

    Your electric forklift power is likely the last thing on your mind, until it unexpectedly fails. Johnston Equipment aims to help keep you moving by preventing unanticipated, potentially costly breakdowns related to failed forklift power. By reviewing your application and helping you develop a better understanding of your power utilization, maintenance and repair practices we can also help you find cost and productivity savings while minimizing your unanticipated downtime through better planning.

    Battery accessories can perform a critical function in ensuring the longevity of your critical, but often overlooked, power assets.

    Take a moment to review our full line of battery accessories to ensure you get more runs per shift, a higher capacity for sustained performance during each shift and less downtime as a result of unexpected battery failure.

  • Battery Pogo Stick

    Battery Performance & Charger Accessories

    Optimally performing chargers and charger connectors keep your equipment and business moving. Ensure you are maintaining your charger accessories properly for optimal battery performance by installing and keeping critical charger accessories on hand.

  • Single Point Battery Watering System

    Battery Watering Accessories

    Performing regular battery maintenance such as routine watering, can significantly increase the life of your power investment, Your equipment’s batteries require the proper amount of water to operate optimally and mitigate unnecessary repairs or damage.

  • Forklift Battery Handling Safety and Spill Kit

    Battery Maintenance

    Maintaining your batteries is essential to extending the lifecycle of your valuable motive power assets. Ensure your employees and facility remain safe with the both the proper PPE and cleanup solutions.

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