BT Reach Trucks

  • BT Reach Trucks

    BT Reach Trucks

    Unrivaled Reputation For Reliability

Designed Around Four Core Values:
Safety, Productivity, Durability And Driveability.

BT’s Reflex family offers the highest acceleration, braking, and lifting performance, which is easy to program and control thanks to its intuitive man-machine interface.

BT Reach Trucks

  • BT Reflext Forklift

    RRE 120M-160M

    The BT Reflex N-series has a narrow chassis design and 360° steering, this makes them ideal for material operations like block stacking, drive in racking and other confined areas.

  • BT Reflext Reach Truck

    BT RRE140 and BT RRE 250 Reach Trucks

    The R- and E-series trucks are equipped with Transitional Lift Control (TLC ) resulting in shock-free lifting and lowering of the forks, even at maximum speed. The advantage of the TLC results in safer movement of the loads as well as higher productivity and better use of energy.

  • BT Reflext Forklift Trucks

    RRE 140E-250E

    For intensive use on heights the BT Reflex R-series and E-series is the best choice. The intelligent machine has programmable acceleration and lift control. These machines are designed with excellent visibility and ergonomic working conditions for the driver, the E-series also features a unique tilting cab.

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