Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems: Raymond Radioshuttle

BT Radioshuttle: Automated Storage And Retrieval System

The Raymond Radioshuttle is a battery powered load carrier that transports goods in and out of storage tunnels within specially designed high-density racking. This means you can store much more in considerably less space.

The Radioshuttle handles pallets unlike other high-density systems where it is necessary to drive into the rack with the truck or invest in special trucks. The Radioshuttle retrieves and stores the pallet, while working with your conventional forklift trucks.

Best of all, while the Radioshuttle is busy transporting the load, your operators are free to work elsewhere.

Each rack opening forms a deep storage “tunnel” - that allows selectivity by level. It works effectively for all types of storage: First In, First Out (FIFO), First In, Last Out (FILO) or for creating an Order Picking Tunnel.

FIFO Handling

Here the Radioshuttle is used in a throughput storage application and the pallets
are managed after the principle, first in-first out.

FILO Handling

All pallet management by the truck takes place in the main aisle. This means the rack can be made much deeper than an ordinary high-density racking. The operator drives away to retrieve or deliver the pallet while the Radioshuttle works on its own. The lift truck does not need to stand and wait. This results in a high rate of turnover while maximizing the truck's handling time.

Order Picking Tunnel

Here the Raymond Radioshuttle is used with lower level pallet flow lanes. The racking is combined, with room for buffer pallets at the upper levels and pallet flow at the lowest level creating a primary pick aisle. All picking from pallets takes place from the primary pick tunnel that passes through the rack.

There are many options for organizing the racks, e.g. order picking tunnel in
combination with gravity flow, mezzanine construction and truck or emergency aisle.


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