Case Studies

  • Value Drug Mart

    Value Drug Mart was challenged with fulfilling a large influx of orders. With six Horizontal Carousels with Pick to Light Technology, Value Drug Mart was able to pick orders faster, while employing less labor.

    Read more about how Horizontal Carousels helped Value Drug Mart enhance its overall efficiency.

  • Joanne Fabrics

    Joanne Fabrics had to fulfill their hardware orders faster and add new SKUs for new hardware lines. They employed 4 Shuttle® VLMs which allowed them to expand their inventory and save floor space without adding more labor.

    Read more about how Joanne Fabrics used Shuttle® VLMs to fulfill their hardware orders faster.

  • Christie

    Christie had to adapt to increased production requirements and employed two Shuttle® VLMs to deliver products within a 24-hour time frame.

    Read more about how Christie was able to save floor space and develop a faster rate of picking.

  • Kubota

    In order to optimize its operational efficiency, Kubota six horizontal carousels and four Shuttle® VLMs.

    Read more about how Kubota double its productivity, increased its floor space, and developed an improved picking strategy.

  • Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation

    The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC) converted three aisles to Very Narrow Aisles (VNA) and employed the iWarehouse telematics system to optimize its operational efficiency.

    Read more about how the NSLC maximized its available space, while also managing data on its lift trucks.