Our Difference | A Complete Solution™

  • Boost Operational Effectiveness with a Comprehensive Partnership

    When you need to move, manage, store and protect goods™, Johnston Equipment’s Complete Solutions™ will help you to run better and manage smarter. Our Complete Solution™ begins with efficient, reliable material handling equipment such as forklifts, people-lifters and other industrial electric vehicles that are serviced with Ideal Maintenance™. This unique approach to service has been optimized for quality, speed and safety and is performed by the largest, most skilled technician base in the world.

  • Forklift Sales and Service

    Helping You Move, Manage, Store and Protect™

    Complete Solutions™ also includes batteries to power your forklift and other equipment, renewed and rental units, an array of racking and storage systems, telematics – which provides unprecedented visibility in your fleet’s efficiency - and nationally accredited operator training programs. Our tailored solutions can also be wrapped in leasing packages that are independently financed by Johnston Equipment. Built upon forward, innovating thinking, our Complete Solutions™ are supported by over 1,300 employees across 23 Canada-wide locations.

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  • Manage


    The Tools you need to maximize your operational up-time and budget

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    The Expertise you need to optimize and automate your facility space