Raymond Lean Management

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  • Raymond Lean Management

    Over ten years ago, Raymond embarked on a journey to implement the Toyota Production System on its manufacturing floor. This has led to a culture of Continuous Improvement that has solidified Raymond’s reputation for quality and innovation in the marketplace.
    Through Raymond’s success in implementing TPS they set out and began a dealer initiative to help dealers learn and implement the same principles and philosophies of Toyota Production Systems (TPS/5S). Presently 20+ Dealers in North America are participating in TPS.

  • Raymond Lean Management

    Johnston Equipment has begun the TPS journey of implementing Raymond Lean Management. Our aim is to optimize and manage the flow of materials through our shops, distribution and warehousing networks.

    The Toyota Production System encourages the participation of all employees, so improvements are made across the organization. We know that a journey of Continuous Improvement never ends. There are always improvements that can be made to improve our processes and the customer experience.

  • Lean methodology has its roots in manufacturing and particularly the automotive sector through the Toyota Production System. Over the last decade, Lean has expanded beyond manufacturing to become a methodology for all value streams looking to improve efficiency and customer value.

    A foundational level of understanding of Lean principles can have a significant effect on a business by:

    • • Removing non-value added business steps that does not transform the product and/or service

    • • Identifying and eliminating waste

    • • Kaizen (“Kai” = Change + “Zen” = For the better) small incremental improvements lead by employee’s

    • • Improving external partnerships

    • • Heightening communication and collaboration

    • • Increasing employee morale and job satisfaction

  • The Lean Change Process

    Johnston has been using 5S Methodology, the lean tool that facilitates teamwork to continuously improve by standardizing work and eliminating wastes to make problems visible. The steps within the 5S Methodology are listed below.

    5S Methodology

    • • Sort – sort and remove all unnecessary items

    • • Set in Order – arrange items so that they are in the optimal place for their function

    • • Shine – clean, inspect, and maintain on a regular basis

    • • Standardize – photos and visual controls to keep everything as it should be

    • • Sustain – perform regular audits and implement continuous improvements

    Standardized tasks are the foundation for Continuous Improvement. When everyone is completing the task the same way, it leads to faster identification of areas causing defects and empowers the team to problem solve by increasing visibility to waste. The 7 types of waste can be summarized with the acronym TIMWOOD – Transportation, Inventory, Motion, Waiting, Over-production, Over-processing, and Defects.

Instilling a culture of continuous improvement with lean management principles

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