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    The leadership position that Johnston Equipment holds within the Canadian material handling industry is a privilege: It is not something to be taken for granted, and never a status over which to become complacent. Customers are not just everything to Johnston in this regard: They are the only thing. In that sense, we recognize that the provision of efficient, reliable forklifts and related storage solutions is merely the first step in addressing their needs. Our customers require complete, smart solutions that are built upon innovative thinking; solutions that support flexible, cost-effective, and safe distribution practices, with minimal operational disruption.

Our objective thereby is that the customer experience with our products and services is “effortless”.  To create this “effortless experience”, we recognize that we must be competitive, responsive, proactive, creative, and relentlessly committed to the requirements of our all-important business partners. We strive to over-achieve in this area by leveraging the strengths of our three value fundamentals: Our products, our service, and our people.

Our products consistently exceed market expectations through their long-standing technology advantages, their high quality, and their demonstrated comparative effectiveness. Whether with new, renewed, or rental equipment, we enhance our customers’ competitiveness and maximize their uptime. In addition to the advantage we offer our customers through forklifts, we are also the country’s largest manufacturer and dealer of engineered storage solutions through our Konstant business division. If there is a material handling equipment solution needed, then Johnston has the comprehensive answer: This all from a single source, and underscored by the highest quality and safety standards from coast to coast within our great country….and beyond.

Our Equipment service is founded by the largest and most highly-skilled technician base in Canada; a base capable of supporting not only our industry-leading Raymond trucks, but those of all other manufacturers as well. We stock tens of thousands of Parts SKUs across the country. We have over 140 Sales professionals engaged in supporting the needs of our customers, and twenty-five engineers and designers on staff to add maximum value to any material handling challenge. When our customers take advantage of our comprehensive forklift fleet management system, iWarehouse®, they collect and report real-time data that enhances vehicle and operator productivity, and that complements safety across their businesses. We further support our customers’ operations with industry-leading Driver Training products and top instructors. No other material handling dealer can offer the financial merchandising capabilities provided by Johnston’s in-house leasing programs, and few institutions (if any, including the banks) can match the associated net cost of operating that we are able to deliver using such financial creativity.

Our employees are close to 1200 strong, operating from 23 locations across Canada. When we factor-in our complete integration to The Raymond Corporation and its additional 2,000 employees and extended USA dealer network, no one in our industry can match the depth, leverage, and scope of our offering. We pride ourselves upon our professionalism, our experience, our commitment to healthy and safe practices, and most of all, our customer-first philosophy. We are not perfect, but our resolve is to give our customers the assurance that we will relentlessly act in their best interests, regardless of the circumstances.


Michael Marcotte
President & CEO
Johnston Equipment

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