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No other company has Johnston's depth and breadth. Guaranteed.

Your business is third-party logistics, not lift trucks, and only Johnston enables you to focus 100% on your core competency: relentlessly managing the minute-to-minute upstream and downstream logistics of your customers' needs and demands.

Only Johnston has locations from coast to coast in Canada and can give you access to the Raymond Sales and Service Center network that combines the power of 100 locations in North America to satisfy your material handling needs. So regardless of geography or application requirement, you are guaranteed a single point of contact, centralized billing and no complicated pricing or servicing structures associated with other companies.

Ever evolving, our solutions accommodate ever-increasing inventories and maximize any warehouse space utilization.

iWarehouse®, Raymond's fleet optimization system, offers you information in real time for your truck operations.

For your success in today's competitive environment, our reliable, versatile equipment gives you the flexibility to handle any type of client, merchandise and demand.

We offer a wide selection of racking, shelving and warehouse products in addition to our line of Raymond® and BT lift trucks for 3PL organizations.

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