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 Retail Overview

 Retail Overview

In a fast-paced industry, you need equipment that can keep up.

Variable demand, competitive pricing, and supply chain management are just a few of the challenges faced by the Electronics industry. Increasing throughput and efficiency while decreasing product damage and operating costs is the material handling task at hand.

If you had unmatched speeds, smoother operation, superior maneuverability, and unequaled efficiency, the result would be refreshed operators, more picks per hour, and the lowest possible cost per pallet moved. Johnston can help you find the right truck to achieve this and more.

Our Automated Systems enable you to store a large number of SKU's in a small space and automate the picking process. Our Storage Solutions Group offers a wide selection of racking and shelving to meet any electronics need and we can provide a complete catalogue of MRO products. Finally, our line of Raymond® and BT trucks and training programs will help you to decrease product damage and operating costs.

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