Food Processing: We Provide The Freshest Solutions

 Retail Overview

 Retail Overview

Extreme environments demand extreme solutions.

No other material handling company understands the high standards you hold your equipment to better than Johnston. The Food Processing business has a range of material handling needs that reflects the diversity in the food supply chain. We offer the most complete range of electric lift trucks and technological solutions that are optimized to satisfy diverse processing environments, no matter what your requirements.

Whether receiving raw material and ingredients or getting ready to ship out of your distribution center, you need lift trucks designed to meet the productivity and throughput needs of a high-velocity warehouse. On your processing floor, you need machinery that can be exposed to a variety of tough environments and must be resilient enough to withstand brine, caustics, and other fluids while holding up to frequent wash downs.

Acidic and corrosive fluids or brine can take its toll on your equipment; poultry, meat, and fish reduce the life of your trucks. The Raymond Extreme Environment Corrosion package is available on several models of pallet trucks to help extend the life of your truck and reduce your total cost of ownership. Additionally, our Storage Solutions Group offers a wide selection of racking and shelving to meet a variety of needs.

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