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 Retail Overview

 Retail Overview

Johnston provides custom solutions you can rely on.

The competitive Paper and Publishing industries present many challenges: lift truck travel speeds, capacities, and ergonomics are all important factors as the industry increases emphasis on inventory turns, productivity, efficiency and throughput. Johnston Equipment has the industry knowledge to help you get the most out of your materials handling operation.

The growing number of “home offices” demands smaller order quantities, more shipping locations, and an increased number of SKU’s for specialized paper. At the same time, serving a broad market ranging from the smallest to the largest of companies presents a growing challenge to manage multiple sized pallet loads.

Our Storage Solutions Group can help you plan and implement the best solution for your particular needs. We offer a wide selection of racking to meet any requirement, including Roll Formed, Bolted and Structural. In addition, our line of Raymond® and BT trucks provides the proven performance, robust control systems, and unmatched reliability to help you stay competitive.

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