Retail: Johnston Meets The Challenge

 Retail Overview

 Retail Overview

Johnston delivers the solutions that retailers need to get ahead.

In the highly competitive Retail / Department Store sector, customer demands must be met — and fast. From seasonal demand swings to managing razor-thin margins, we understand and help solve the many material handling challenges that retailers face at brick and mortar stores, distribution centers and throughout the supply chain.

At retail outlets, well-designed stockrooms - equipped with the right lift trucks - ensure that arriving stock can be quickly and easily stored, and that store shelves can be quickly replenished. At distribution centers, optimizing warehouse space, increasing throughput, and increasing lift truck operator productivity while reducing costs, are all paramount to success.

Johnston can help you keep the shelves stocked. Our dedicated professionals can help you optimize warehouse space, right-size your fleet through purchase, renting and leasing, increase throughput, and improve lift truck operator productivity while reducing costs.

We offer a wide selection of racking, shelving and warehouse products in addition to our line of Raymond® and BT lift trucks to help you stay competitive.

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