Forklift Repairs & Refurbishment: Get The Most From Your Trucks

Forklift Repairs, Refurbishment & Overhauls with Warranty

An equipment refurbishment will give your lift truck a new lease on life.

Johnston can repair, refurbish, or overhaul equipment that is past its prime. Generally, after 10,000 pedal hours of normal use, or five to seven years, an equipment overhaul should be considered. A Johnston overhaul will extend the time between new equipment expenditures and give you greater return on your investment.

Two Refurbishment Programs To Suit Your Needs:

Phased Repairs

Our Major Component Refurbishment is a budget-minded, phased program to repair or replace major components subject to excessive wear. Typically, a phased repair looks at one set of components. It might be a front-end overhaul to inspect masts, forks, chains, and hydraulics. Or it could involve major components such as motors, drive units, caster assemblies, and steering.

Total Refurbishment

In our Total Refurbishment Program we disassemble the truck, check every component, and repair or replace components as necessary. We then put it all back together and subject the truck to a series of tests to ensure it delivers an almost-new truck performance. We even give the equipment a fresh coat of paint, so it looks great too.

All Johnston repairs or refurbishments carry a 90-day warranty on all parts and labour, plus new parts carry the full Raymond new trucks and parts warranty.


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