Storage Solutions: Industrial Casters

Industrial Caster Wheels

The capabilities of your equipment should match the unique conditions of your workplace. That’s why our selection of casters is designed for a variety of load sizes and floor conditions. With features such as load cushioning, floor protection, and quiet movement, we provide casters you can depend on.

Economy Rubber Casters

Used for light loads up to 120 lbs. on carpet or tile.
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Soft Grey Rubber Casters

Used for medium loads up to 285 lbs. and designed for excellent floor protection on a variety of surfaces.
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Mold-On Rubber Casters

Used for medium to heavy loads up to 570 lbs. and designed to handle difficult floor conditions and provide noise reduction.
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Nylon Casters

Used for heavy loads up to 950 lbs. and designed for the most demanding applications.
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