Training: Fall Protection Equipment Inspection

Fall Protection Inspection Checklist

Ensure your operators are using equipment that will keep them safe - it’s the law!


Take proactive measures to promote safety within your workplace in accordance with current local and federal regulations. By having one of our qualified inspectors check your fall protection equipment you will minimize the risk of injury caused by faulty, outdated or unsafe fall equipment. You will also have proof of your due diligence and show that a commitment to safety in the workplace was top priority within your organization.

This service may be provided on its own or as an additional part of our Fundamentals Of Fall Protection Training program.


CSA Standards

An inspection by a qualified inspector must occur once a year in order to meet the requirements of CSA. Our inspectors are up-to-date on all the current CSA Standards and local and federal regulations pertaining to fall protection, including:

Legal Requirements

Educate yourself. Depending on where you are located, below are just some of the requirements that may affect your business. Discover the legal obligations for fall protection equipment within your area today, and let us help you meet them!

Canada - Federal Jurisdiction

Province of New Brunswick

Province of Newfoundland and Labrador

Province of Nova Scotia

Province of Ontario


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