Storage Solutions: Material Handling

Industrial Material Handling Equipment

Aimed at improving productivity and ensuring the safe transportation of goods, Johnston has the equipment you need to create a controlled and efficient workplace.

Many of the products below come in a variety of sizes and capacities so you can be sure you are getting the piece of equipment that is right for your warehouse. For other sizes and options available please contact your local branch.

Hand Pallet Trucks

Maximize productivity and decrease operator fatigue. Available in a variety of fork dimensions, these trucks possess entry and exit rollers that provide a smooth transition in and out of pallets. Also offered are a number of trucks aimed toward specialized applications.
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Skid Lifts - Manual and Electric

Improve the productivity of load lifting, work positioning and moving with these lifters. Both electric and manual models are available, and the ergonomic improvements cut costs and create a safer workplace.
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Winch Lift

Winch lifts improve the productivity of load lifting, work positioning and moving. This manual crank lift table is capable of many different light-duty material handling functions.
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Stackers are well suited for use in confined areas such as shop environments and warehouses. Battery-powered and manual controlled stackers are available. A variety of fork dimensions and capacities are also offered.
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Work Platforms

Available in two unique models with numerous safety features including a gate that locks in place and an emergency stop switch that cuts power immediately in an emergency. These platforms ensure years of simple, worry-free use.
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Self-Dumping Hoppers

These steel hoppers can be operated by fork lift and are designed for the efficient handling of bulk and granular materials.
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Johnston can provide you with conveyors suited for truck loading and unloading, distribution centers, packaging and shipping & receiving. The self-tracking gravity flow safely moves product while side rails prevent items from skewing off the conveyor. Conveyors are available in a number of height and width configurations.
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This full width roller carton flow track is used for heavy duty applications with standard pallet rack beams. Sloped tracks allow for smooth product flow, and the unit can be easily reconfigured to keep up with a growing system or changing SKU sizes.
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