Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems:
KardexRemstar Megamat Vertical Carousels

KardexRemstar Megamat Vertical Carousels

KardexRemstar Megamat Vertical Carousels consist of shelves that rotate up or down via the shortest path, delivering items to an ergonomically positioned pick window. The vertical design maximizes the use of overhead space and can recover up to 75% of the floor space required for traditional shelving systems.

Vertical carousels are available in a wide range of heights, depths and widths to meet virtually any storage and retrieval requirement. They are compatible with an entire suite of software and controls to meet standard and unique applications.

Whether you are picking or putting to or from shelving, rack or automated devices, accuracy and speed are the two factors every operation must balance.

Pick-to-Light technology assists operators with four basic functions:

KardexRemstar has created an entire family of products designed to direct
a picker to an exact location quickly and accurately.


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