• Forklift Telematics


    Fleet Management and Warehouse Labor Management Solutions
  • Forklift Telematics

    Scalable, Total Telematics Solution

    Experience unprecedented visibility into the efficiency of your material handling fleet, and the productivity of your operators, with iWAREHOUSE®.

iWAREHOUSE® provides a 360º view of your entire truck fleet whether you are managing a single warehouse or multiple locations. Compatible on numerous makes and models of industrial vehicles, this fork lift fleet management system is quickly and easily adapted with add on functionality as your needs change.


  • Forklift Telematics

    Effectively Manage Vehicles and Operators

    A fleet optimization system managing and reporting truck, fleet and operator data with the ability to drill down to the finest details – a single truck and its operator.

  • Forklift Telematics

    Reduce Maintenance Costs

    Convenient data management portal provides greater visibility for analysis of warehouse optimization while identifying areas for potential cost reduction.

  • Forklift Telematics

    Optimize Your Workforce

    Creates reports to track your key performance indicators i.e. fleet utilization, operator performance, certifications and safety (for provincial compliance).

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