In a warehouse, cleanliness operates behind the scenes. It may not be one of the KPIs you report on every week, but it impacts many of them. Here are five main benefits of a clean warehouse.

  • 1. Protecting the Safety and Health of Employees

    Safety and health are arguably the most important reasons for cleaning.

    Slips, trips, and falls are frequent occurrences in warehouses, and most of these incidents are caused by a problem with the floor, such as an oily patch or debris that creates a tripping hazard. According to data from the U.S. National Safety Council, falls cause more than 23,000 injuries and over 40 deaths per year in the transportation and warehousing industry alone. Many of these can be prevented through floor cleaning.

    Dust can also create safety and health hazards. It can be inhaled by workers, leading to allergic reactions and, in some cases, lung disease. In facilities with strict hygiene requirements, like food manufacturing plants, dust can be a source of cross-contamination. If the dust is combustible, it can also cause a catastrophic explosion.

  • 2. Boosting Worker Productivity

    If your pickers have to move around spills or dodge debris, they won’t be as efficient as if their way is clear. It may seem like a small inefficiency, but over the course of weeks, months, and years, these small inefficiencies can add up to a significant amount of lost time. In the worst case scenario, deadlines may be missed simply because each picking assignment took just a little longer than it should have.

    Cleanliness also boosts employee morale, which in turn boosts productivity.

  • 3. Protecting Product Quality

    Dust and grime can also compromise product quality, especially in facilities like food storage warehouses and electronics distribution centers. In some instances, this could lead to recalls. In any case, if your customers receive low-quality products, they might choose to seek out an alternative supplier.

  • 4. Making a Great Impression

    In a warehouse, just like anywhere else, a clean floor makes a good impression. You may not have customers visit on a daily basis, but when they do, they’ll likely make a snap judgment about the quality of your products and services based on the cleanliness of your facility.

  • 5. Lowering Maintenance Costs and Increasing the Value of Your Building

    Over time, dirt, oil, and grime can damage your floors. Cleaning extends the life of your flooring so that it requires less maintenance in the long run. Clean floors also help keep other vital equipment (such as forklifts) clean and operating at peak performance. A well maintained floor will also increase the value of your building, while a poorly maintained floor will lower it.

    “Falls cause more than 23,000 injuries and over 40 deaths per year in the transportation and warehousing industry alone.”

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