• Forklift Batteries

    East Penn Canada is proud to offer the power you need to keep your business running. We’ll work with you every step of the way, from power assessments to DEKA branded lead and lithium battery options. Our experts will work with you to provide the best application-based solutions, helping you extend battery life, increase productivity, and reduce downtime.

  • Deka Ready Power®

    Lithium-ion maintenance free battery with exclusively designed Battery Management System (BMS).

  • Deka D-Series™

    The number one material handling battery in North America — and for good reason. During their initial forming charge, battery plates are visually inspected for quality and consistency, prior to being placed inside a battery. Our exclusive 5-step plate wrap holds active materials against battery plates, minimizing capacity loss.

  • Deka HydraSaver®

    Enables reduced watering intervals of 9-10 weeks. Recommended for applications where reduced maintenance is desired.

  • Deka Dominator®

    Sealed gel technology delivers maintenance-free and emissions-free operation. Ideal for reduced maintenance applications, or controlled environments such as those used for food or pharmacies.

  • Deka MaxPowr®

    More work per shift when compared to other batteries of the same size. No special maintenance required. Provides an extra 10% more amp-hours that might be required to perform a full shift operation.

  • Deka FastCharge™

    Optimized for electrical conductivity and extended performance. Built to last longer under rigorous fast charge conditions. Provides up to 60% additional battery power per shift, depending on shift break structure.

  • Deka MaintenanceSaver®

    Built specifically for low maintenance applications, with a large reservoir allowing for an increased volume of electrolyte. Reduces watering to four times a year under normal operating conditions.

  • Deka ChargeMate™

    Combines a flooded battery and charger into one unit, eliminating the need for remote charging equipment. The charger can be connected into any 15 amp, 120 volt AC outlet for safe and easy charging.

  • Deka Gel-Mate™

    Maintenance-free gel battery with built-in charger compatible with a 15 amp, 120 volt AC outlet.

  • Deka PowrMate®

    Maintenance-free gel battery with built-in charger compatible with a 15 amp, 120 volt AC outlet. Designed specifically for pallet-jack applications.

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