BT LHM 230/230Q/300 Hand Pallet Truck

  • BT LHM230P Hand Pallet Jack

    Low lifter requiring minimal starting effort 

    Designed to increase productivity when handling heavy loads, the innovative and unique BT Pro Lifter model LHM230P requires up to 67% less force than a standard hand pallet truck to begin moving, either it is up a slope, getting out of a hole in the ground or if the load is very heavy. The LHM230P allows goods to be moved with minimum effort, ensuring maximum efficiency, ease of use and driver comfort.

Enhance Productivity and Comfort

  • BT LHM230P Hand Pallet Truck in action


    To get a hand pallet jack moving is the heaviest part of the transport. With the BT LHM230 Lifter the hand pallet jack will take the first steps by itself.
    Capacity information:

    LHM 230P
    Max. lifting capacity: 2300 kg
    Fork height: 85mm

  • BT LHM230P Hand Pallet Truck Controls


    A connection between the tow bar and the steering wheels transfer the force from the pump stroke to the wheel to get the truck started. Through a control on the BT LHM230P handle you can choose the direction of the starting force, and have smooth driving over uneven surfaces and thresholds. The handle bar is highly ergonomic, reducing strain to arms, shoulders and back.

  • BT LHM230P Hand Pallet Truck Features


    The BT LHM230P makes transport easier. It features:

    • – Load capacity up to 2.3 ton at 600 mm load centre
    • – Choice of chassis and fork widths
    • – Choice of wheel types
    • – Long lifetime
    • – Minimum starting force needed


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