• Raymond Hand Pallet Jack


    Not Your Average Hand Trucks
    Raymond invented the first hydraulic hand pallet jack in 1939 - celebrating more than 75 years of innovation and performance.

Find the Right Hand Pallet Jack for You

Hand truck, pallet jacks, Raymond hand pallet truck

RJ50N Hand Pallet Jack

  • 180 degree turning radius
  • 5,500 lbs capacity
  • Solid nylon steer wheels and load rollers
Raymond RJ50 durable high capacity hydraulic hand pallet truck

RJ50P Hand Pallet Jack

  • 5,500 lb capacity
  • Rugged, construction for everyday use
Freezer pallet jack, stainless steel pallet jack, hand truck, hand pallet jack, pallet jacks

LCF55 Freezer Special Hand Pallet Truck

  • Galvanization protects from corrosion
  • Resists the harsh effects of cold temperatures
Raymond LCM4W and LCU4W 4-Way Hand Pallet Jacks

LCM4W and LCU4W 4-Way Hand Pallet Truck

  • 4-Way Entry Pallet Handling Capability
Raymond LCM50 and LCU50 Low Profile Hand Pallet Trucks

LCM50 and LCU50 Low Profile Pallet Jacks

  • Suitable for pallets with low clearance openings
  • 5,000 lb. capacity
Pallet jack, hand truck, Hand Pallet Jack

LCS80 Heavy-Duty Pallet Jack

  • Heavy-duty 8,000 lbs capacity
  • Ideal for high throughput applications
Raymond Altra Lift Hand Pallet Jack

Altra Lift Hand Pallet Jack

  • Ideal for use on-the-go
  • 5,500 lbs rated capacity
Hand pallet jack, power pallet jack

PST Plus Motorized Hand Pallet Truck

  • Self-propelled motor provides easy maneuverability
  • 2,200 lbs rated capacity
power pallet jack, pallet jacks, hand truck, Raymond Hand Pallet Jack

PST23 Power Start-Assist Hand Pallet Jack

  • Power-Start-Technology (PST) reduces inertial resistance
  • 5,000 lbs capacity
  • Powerthane® drive wheels for capacity and traction
Pallet lift, pallet lifter, hand truck, Hand Pallet Jack

RG30E Electric Skid Lifter Pallet Truck

  • 3,000 lb capacity
  • 12 volt DC power pack with automatic on-board battery charger
  • Also available in manual, RG30M
Raymond SS45 stainless steel hydraulic hand pallet jack

SS45 Stainless Steel Hand Pallet Jack

  • Corrosion-resistant for processing environments
  • High-hygiene applications such as Pharmaceutical and Marine
Raymond LCS55 Hydraulic Hand Pallet Jack for Unique Size Application Needs

LCS55 Unique Size Hand Pallet Trucks

  • Ideal choice for special applications
  • Choose from varying widths, fork lengths and capacities

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