8250 Pallet Jack Powered by Lithium-ion

  • pallet jack maintenance
    Raymond automated lift trucks provide simple automation

    CAN Communication

    Provides continuous communication between the truck and battery.
    CAN Communication
  • lithium ion battery
    Raymond lift trucks are designed for ease of maintenance

    Maintenance Free

    The lithium-ion battery requires none of the traditional maintenance associated with other industrial batteries, such as watering, equalizing and cleaning.
    Maintenance Free
  • motorized pallet jack
    Raymond lift trucks provide maneuverability

    Increased Maneuverability

    2" reduced head length results in increased maneuverability in tighter spaces with a 5.8" battery compartment.
    Increased Maneuverability
  • electric pallet truck
    Raymond engineers productive lift trucks

    Longer Run Time

    3 - 4 consecutive hour run-time means fewer work disruptions to charge or change out batteries.
    Longer Run Time
  • lithium-ion battery performance
    Raymond efficient lift trucks

    Low Internal Resistance

    Generates less heat resulting in less energy loss, greater capacity that delivers and maintains constant power.
    Low Internal Resistance

A Reliable Workhorse. Powered by Lithium

The Raymond 8250 walkie pallet jack, powered by lithium-ion, is a reliable workhorse delivering increased power capabilities and efficiencies so that you can run longer, recharge quicker and move more pallets. A 2" reduced head length allows for greater maneuverability in tight spaces. And, maintenance is reduced with a truck that is durably designed with a battery that doesn't need servicing.
  • Battery: 24V (26 Nominal) Lithium-ion, 78 amp hour
  • Battery Compartment: 5.8" battery compartment
  • Capacity: 5,000 lbs.
  • Power System: AC Traction Control

Built to Perform

  • pallet jack, electric brake release

    Increased Operator Control

    The electric brake release releases the brake during low battery conditions without having to remove the truck cover. The truck still retains braking ability when the handle is in the brake or up position.
  • Raymond 8210 walkie pallet jack with click 2 creep

    Increased Speed Control

    Click2Creep automatically reduces travel speed and allows the operator to move one inch at a time with the tiller tucked tightly to the tractor - providing superior maneuverability at slower, controlled speeds.
  • cold storage pallet jack

    Extreme Environment Operations

    Integrated heaters within the lithium-ion pack and cold storage packages enable the truck to work in colder temperatures longer without degrading performance.
  • lithium-ion battery charger

    Opportunity Charging & Faster Charging Times

    Recharges in as little as 2.5 - 3 hours with a standard 110 outlet (from 0-100% SOC) and benefits from opportunity charging.
  • lithium-ion, pallet jack

    AC Traction Control

    Provides seamless speed transitions so your operators have the control they need to move the truck one inch at a time.
  • regenerative braking

    Regenerative Power

    Lithium-ion batteries have better acceptance of regenerative power.
  • lithium-ion battery voltage

    Higher Voltage

    Lithium-ion operates at a higher voltage than lead-acid batteries, delivering and maintaining constant performance throughout the day.
  • lithium-ion pallet jack

    Static Torque Control

    Exclusive speed control separates speed from power - providing the torque needed to maneuver the truck up and over lift gates and curbs with smooth, controlled operation at all speeds.
  • pallet jack

    IP65 (Pack) and IP65 (Battery) Protection

    Sealed for water and dust protection to electrical components for increased reliability and performance in wet environments and regular wash downs.
  • lithium-ion battery, battery monitoring system

    Heads-up Display (HUD)

    The HUD provides a visual for the battery state-of-charge along with an audible alarm for low state-of-charge and alerts the operator if maintenance if required.
  • lithium-ion battery, battery monitoring system

    Onboard Battery Management System (BMS)

    BMS allows you to schedule charge times, notifies you when a charge is required and monitors the charging and usage to prevent overcharging and discharging.
  • raymond li pallet jack battery

    Intelligent Protection

    Four levels of protective features guard against over-discharge - low state-of-charge warning, reserve power mode, manual travel restriction and dormant mode.
  • lithium-ion pallet jack

    Reliable Performance in Wet Environments

    Stainless steel pins come standard with the truck and help prevent corrosion in wet environments.
  • lithium-ion battery charger

    Built-in Run Protection

    Built-in run protection prevents damage to the battery pack by allowing a user to plug the pack for opportunity charging without having to disconnect the pack from the truck.
  • lithium-ion battery

    Easy Service Access

    Unique removable bumper removes for easy access, eliminating the need to tilt or hoist the truck for service.
  • lithium-ion pallet jack

    Wear Protection and Operator Training

    Lift and Go programmability trains operators to travel with the forks elevated to prevent unnecessary contact and wear over raised surfaces such as dock plates.
  • pallet jack forks

    Ductile Iron

    Ductile iron bell crank and wheel forks – almost twice the yield strength of steel – provide greater durability to the undercarriage.
  • pallet jack bumper

    High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) Bumper

    The High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) ribbed bumper tests 3x greater in strength and durability over competitive bumpers… and weighs less.
  • pallet jack

    Polycarbonate Covers

    High density snap-fit polycarbonate covers deliver great strength and resilience.
  • lithium-ion battery

    Rugged Battery Design

    Rigorously tested for durability with Raymond's full battery pack drop, steel ball drop, vibration and shock and bump track (5 year abuse, 65,000 impacts) tests.
  • Raymond 8210 power pallet truck cold storage conditioning

    Cold Storage Conditioning

    All temperature hydraulics, transmission oils and temperature sensing components protect control systems — assuring peak performance and productivity, while stainless steel undercarriage pins protect from corrosion and rust.

  • Raymond 8210 motorized pallet jack accessory bar

    Accessory Bar

    Interfaces with RAM-mounted accessories to put additional operator tools at their fingertips; available with optional work light and fan.

  • Raymond 8310 Walkie Pallet Truck Pin Code Pad

    PIN Code Pad

    The optional personal identification number (PIN) code pad provides password protection for additional security. Store up to 10 different passwords to prevent unauthorized operation.

  • Raymond 8210 walkie pallet truck storage tray

    Large Storage Tote

    The optional tote helps to keep work tools organized and at your operators fingertips for added convenience and productivity throughout the shift.

  • Raymond 8210, Extreme Environment, Cold Storage

    Extreme Environment Protection

    Hot-dip galvanization and electronics coatings protect components and extend the life of the truck in wet, corrosive environments.

  • Cold Storage

    Refrigerated warehouses, blast freezers, and other cold storage applications require robust control systems. Raymond maintains its own cold storage test facility to replicate the harshest conditions; testing and proving our systems in extreme cycles of freezing and thawing. 

  • Dock and Delivery

    The Raymond 8210 walkie pallet truck is ideal for use on-board delivery trucks. This compact AC-powered walkie is exceptionally maneuverable and allows pin wheeling in trailers for maximum cube.

  • Processing Applications

    Raymond offers Extreme Environment Corrosion Protection with hot-dip galvanization on the 8210 electric walkie pallet truck to protect trucks used in wet, caustic and briny applications from moisture and to flush contaminants.

  • UL EE Applications

    This lift truck complies with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 583. Raymond® Type E and EE trucks are designed and manufactured to operate in classified locations as defined in NFPA 505. Type E and EE products are tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). 

  • 8210: Power Proven to Perform

    The Raymond 8210 motorized pallet jack delivers power proven to perform. With proven technology and smarter, stronger and more efficient design, the 8210 Walkie Pallet Truck delivers power and battery-saving features to tackle the job at hand.

  • 8000 Series Pallet Jacks

    From the heavy-duty undercarriage to the rugged polymer cover that won't rust, fade or dent, Raymond pallet jacks are built with the right material for the job. With fewer and longer lasting components that require less maintenance, and engineered to handle high volume dock work, horizontal transportation and low-level order picking with ease.

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