Raymond RENEWED™

  • The Raymond RENEWED™ Program

    The Raymond RENEWED™ program is designed to give you the comfort in knowing that purchasing from Johnston Equipment, a Raymond Sales & Service Centre, you will receive quality, dependable refurbished equipment you can count on. Each lift truck is reconditioned to satisfy Raymond’s stringent requirements and is supported by our team of certified technicians and service professionals. All work is under Warranty with the added confidence that your purchase comes with the Raymond RENEWED™ Assurance Buy-back Guarantee.

  • 3 Levels of Certification Backed by the Raymond RENEWED™ Assurance Buy-Back Guarantee:

    • PREMIUM – best for budget conscious warehouse managers who need performance, reliability and longevity

    • PERFORMANCE – ideal for typical, single-shift applications

    • VALUE – designed for tight budgets and lower volume applications

    Assurance Buy-Back Guarantee: Your Raymond Renewed material handling equipment is backed by the Raymond Renewed assurance buy-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the performance of your Raymond Renewed material handling equipment due to mechanical issues that cannot be repaired by our Certified Technicians or if the equipment does not work within your specific application, you may return it within thirty (30) days of its installation for a refund of the actual price paid together with any sale tax paid. Any and all other expenses incurred by you will not be refunded or reimbursed (e.g. Charger installation and removal, freight, or aftermarket modification). The Raymond Renewed material handling equipment must pass a vehicle inspection conducted by an authorized Raymond Solutions and Support Center and must be in the same condition as at the time of purchase, reasonable wear and tear excepted. After thirty (30) days, all sales are final. As-Is/Rental Ready sales do not qualify for the buy-back guarantee and are final sale upon delivery/invoicing.

    Looking for technical information on what we do to RENEW used equipment? Please reach out to us. As a brief overview of some, but not limited all of the technical work done, see below:

  • General: All units externally cleaned and checked for structural integrity.

  • Drive Units: Inspected for proper operation and leaks. Repaired as necessary.

  • Caster Assembly: Inspected for proper operation and damage. Repaired/adjusted as necessary.

  • Motors: Tested for proper grounds and brush wear. Repaired as necessary.

  • Hydraulic Pumps: Inspected for leaks. Pressures checked. Rebuilt or replaced as necessary.

  • Valves: Inspected for leaks and operation. Resealed as required.

  • Hose Assemblies: Inspected for leaks and damage and replaced as necessary.

  • Electrical Panels: Visually inspected for corrosion, wear. Repaired as necessary.

  • All Electrical Connections: Checked to ensure a good tight connection.

  • Wire Harnesses: Checked for wear and damage and repaired as necessary.

  • Controller: Tested for proper operation and repaired as required.

  • Mast Assemblies: Inspected for physical damage and wear. Mast is repaired and reshimmed as necessary. Lift rams are inspected for chrome damage and leaks. Cylinders are repaired and repacked if required.

  • Brake System: Tested for safe operation. Components are rebuilt or replaced if needed.

  • Steering: Checked to ensure smooth operation and no loose parts.

  • Wheels and Tires: Inspected for wear and serviceability and replaced where necessary.

  • All Moving Parts: Lubricated as appropriate.

  • Paint: Unit is externally detailed or painted per RENEWED build level.

  • Inspection/Testing: The truck is operationally tested under load conditions to ensure proper operation of all controls and functions.

  • All Trucks: Reset to factory default operating parameters before shipping. Our standard scheduled maintenance work order is used as the technician's guide during this process.

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