Flexibility for Your Evolving Needs
  • Customizable, Flexible Equipment Leases

    Johnston Equipment’s leasing and financing solutions deliver what your business needs — the equipment you need to grow, at fixed costs. Our competitive leasing and financing programs offer a variety of affordable and flexible options for all of your material handling equipment needs that are customizable to fit the way you work.

    Our Leasing solutions offer high-performing equipment, Service and Fleet Management packages at a fixed monthly rate — for less risk to you, greater flexibility and predictable budgeting. Let us help you manage your fleet through its lifecycle to ensure your business is up and running.


  • Lower outlay of capital (you keep your cash liquid and available for future needs)
  • Manageable and Fixed Monthly payments
  • Pay for what you need, avoid owning equipment that may not meet future needs.
  • Replace your equipment at the end of the term and avoid equipment obsolescence.
  • Opportunity to upgrade your equipment early*


  • You have the option of buying out the equipment at the end of the Lease term
  • Usage and service requirements e.g. are you using the forklift 24 hours per day, or in cold storage
  • Payment terms and options available

lease a forklift

  • Leasing through Johnston Equipment can reduce your total cost of ownership, while improving your fleet flexibility to help you grow and manage your business both now and in the future. Our leasing solutions offer high-performing equipment, service and fleet management packages at a monthly rate — for less risk to you, greater flexibility and predictable budgeting. This allows you to save your capital dollars for core business and revenue generating opportunities.

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