Forklift Battery Charger Accessories

  • Ensure Top Battery Performance with Charger Accessories

    Optimally performing chargers and charger connectors keep your equipment and business moving. Ensure you are maintaining your forklift battery charger accessories properly for optimal battery performance by keeping critical charger accessories on hand.

  • QUICK TIP: Be sure to routinely inspect accessories like connector cables to ensure they are not damaged and causing unnecessary wear on the battery and forklift.

    Below are just a few examples of key forklift battery charger accessories you should consider for your operation.

    If you are looking for something specific or would like us to come in and help you assess how accessories can more effectively support your operation, please reach out to our Power Specialist.

  • forklift battery charger

    Cable Keepers

    Keep battery and charger cables safe and organized. The Cable Keeper protects delicate connectors and avoids cables laying across the floor as a safety hazard. Cables are clopped into the holder and locked into place. The sturdy magnet attaches to a metal surface.

  • forklift charging station

    Cable Retractor Pogo Stick

    Use the Cable Retractor Pogo Stick at charging stations or mounted to battery stands or wall brackets, to retract charger cables and connectors. Made of durable chrome-plated steel, this device helps prevent potential damage to charger connectors and cables. A spring on the bottom of the stick allows operators to retract charger cables from their truck. With the use of the Cable Retractor Pogo Stick, unplugging the connector from the battery returns the retractor to an upright position keeping connectors from falling and shattering on the floor.

  • Battery Connectors

    Cable Connections

    Cable Connectors often crack and break which can lead to improper charging, battery damage and equipment downtime. Examine your connectors regularly and keep spare connectors on hand so they can be easily repaired. Sb Connector Contacts, Housings and Kits are available in 50, 175 and 350 AMP.

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