3030 Raymond Courier Automated Stacker

  • Raymond Courier Automated Lift Truck Programming a Route
    Raymond automated lift trucks provide flexible automation


    Flexible programming allows for easily adjusted routes and redeployment when needed.
  • Raymond Courier Automated Lift Truck Operating in Warehouse
    Raymond automated lift trucks provide simple automation

    Scalable Solution

    Allows operators to manage multiple AGVs at one time and add more as needed.
    Scalable Solution
  • Raymond Courier Automated Lift Truck in Warehouse

    Fast Payback

    By redeploying personnel to optimize productivity, Raymond Couriers offer an industry-leading ROI under 24 months.
    Fast Payback
  • Courier supervisor software
    Raymond engineers productive lift trucks

    Fleet Management Application

    The web-based Supervisor software monitors, controls and provides real-time vehicle data.
    Fleet Management Application
  • reverse motion, auto engagement, agv
    Raymond automated lift trucks provide simple automation

    Reverse Motion & Auto-Engagement

    Optimize workflow and increase productivity by eliminating the need for manual pallet attachment.
    Reverse Motion & Auto-Engagement

The perfect automated tool for picking loads off the ground or at heights up to 72", the Raymond Courier Automated Stacker is versatile and flexible, allowing it to be implemented in a wide array of applications.

Using 42" ITA hook style forks, it seamlessly and consistently interfaces with pallets of all sizes and types for both horizontal transport and vertical pallet handling capability.

  • Battery: 24 volt
  • Capacity: 2,500 lbs.
  • Lift Capability: 72"
  • Max Ramp Elevation/Incline: 8% at max. load

Built to Perform

  • Raymond Courier Automated Lift Truck

    Scalable Fleet

    With ease of implementation and operational Day 1, Raymond Couriers work in tandem with your existing fleet and can expand fleet capacity for operational growth.
  • Raymond Courier Automated Lift Truck Flexible Automation

    Route Transfers and Flexibility

    Routes can be easily transferred between Raymond Couriers via USB to different facilities, locations, shifts or applications.
  • Raymond Courier Supervisor Software

    Multiplied Resources

    One operator can manage multiple trucks at one time, while working on other value added tasks.
  • Raymond Courier route programming

    Redployable Fleet

    Operators can change routes in-house and on the fly through ease of programming and reprogramming.
  • Raymond Courier Automated Lift Truck

    Hybrid Versatility

    Raymond Courier trucks can be used in manual mode as business demands fluctuate for operational flexibility.
  • Raymond Courier Automated Lift Truck in Warehouse Aisle

    A Range of Applications

    From inbound to outbound and simple cross-docking to more involved workflows, Raymond Couriers automate a variety of tasks in warehousing, distribution and manufacturing operations.
  • Increased Productivity

    Helping with labor fluctuations and shortages, the Raymond Courier does what it is trained to do - on time, every time, any time.
  • More Empowered & Productive Operators

    By automating repetitive, low-value tasks, operators can be empowered by managing the equipment now performing the tasks they once did.
  • Real-Time Monitoring & Status Updates

    Supervisor Software provides vehicle data through and web-enables computer or mobile device, keeping your AGVs performing as programmed.
  • Raymond Dealers, Raymond locations

    Long-Term Tools for Automation Implementation

    Operate efficiently, productively and autonomously; we teach your people how to program and reprogram trucks without the need of engineers, but provide ongoing service and support whenever needed.
  • Automation Implementation Assistance

    Experienced consulting services, application engineers and automation systems experts are available to help you optimize your warehouse for automation adoption.
  • Raymond Leasing, Forklift leasing

    Optimized Fleet & Labor Productivity

    Our comprehensive telematics platform, iWAREHOUSE, is a data-driven tool option that works with all the trucks in your facility - manual or automated - to gain valuable insights into labor and fleet efficiencies.
  • Consistent & Efficient Delivery of Goods

    Through an optimized workflow, Raymond Couriers work in tandem with each other, your operators and equipment so responsibilities can be efficiently shared between man and machine.
  • Raymond Courier Automated Pallet Truck

    Transformed Operator Skill Sets

    Freeing operators for value-added tasks leads to the development of new employee skill sets for more engaged employees and reduced turnover.
  • Raymond Automated Lift Truck

    Optimized Workflow

    Automation requires, forces and creates optimized workflow and supports process innovation initiatives.

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