• Customizable, Flexible Equipment Leases

    Johnston Equipment’s leasing and financing solutions deliver what your business needs — the equipment you need to grow, at fixed costs. Our competitive leasing and financing programs offer a variety of affordable and flexible options for all of your material handling equipment needs that are customizable to fit the way you work.

    Our Leasing solutions offer high-performing equipment, Service and Fleet Management packages at a fixed monthly rate — for less risk to you, greater flexibility and predictable budgeting. Let us help you manage your fleet through its lifecycle to ensure your business is up and running.


  • Lower outlay of capital (you keep your cash liquid and available for future needs)
  • Manageable and Fixed Monthly payments
  • Pay for what you need, avoid owning equipment that may not meet future needs.
  • Replace your equipment at the end of the term and avoid equipment obsolescence.
  • Opportunity to upgrade your equipment early*


  • You have the option of buying out the equipment at the end of the Lease term
  • Usage and service requirements e.g. are you using the forklift 24 hours per day, or in cold storage
  • Payment terms and options available

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