A Turret Forklift Built to Perform

  • Raymond 9800 Swing Reach Truck in Aisle
  • Raymond 9800 Swing Reach Truck energy efficient ACR System
  • Raymond 9800 Swing Reach Truck Regenerative Lowering
  • Raymond 9800 Swing Reach Truck Wire Guidance Feature
  • Raymond 9800 Swing Reach Truck Overhead view
  • Raymond 9800 Swing Reach Truck auto traverse feature
  • turret truck, swing reach truck
  • Raymond 9800 Swing Reach Truck dual drive tires
  • Raymond 9800 Swing Reach Truck Operating Positions
  • Raymond 9800 Swing Reach Truck Comfortable operator compartment
  • Raymond 9800 Swing Reach Truck adjustable height handle
  • Raymond 9800 Swing Reach Truck compartment picking lights
  • Raymond 9800 Swing Reach Truck advanced belt drive
  • Raymond 9800 Swing Reach Truck easy cover removal  for service

  • Raymond Cold Storage Equipped Lift Trucks

    Cold Storage Conditioning

    Refrigerated warehouses and other cold storage facilities are tough environments to work in. Our innovative design and robust systems take on below freezing temperatures by protecting sensitive control systems with hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical components that are matched to different temperature levels to assure peak performance.

  • Raymond 9800 Swing Reach Turret Truck with Optional Enclosed Operator's Cab

    Enclosed Operator's Compartment

    The enclosed cab provides a warm work environment for operators working in cold storage facilities. Featuring sliding doors on both sides of the platform for entering and exiting the vehicle, and double pane thermal glass is used on all 4 sides of the cab to provide good visibility in all directions as well as to contain the heat in the cab.

  • Raymond 9800 Swing Reach Turret Truck with Vertical Hold Option

    Vertical Hold

    Offers operators assistance in storing and retrieving loads from frequently referenced rack heights. Vertical Hold allows the operator to select from up to 199 programmable preset lift heights, using the reach and retract control handle buttons.

  • Raymond 9800 Swing-Reach Truck with extended turret for wide load handling

    Extended Turret

    Extended turret options are available to accommodate loads as large as 48 inches deep by 110 inches wide; aisle widths will vary based on the size of the load.

  • Raymond 9800 Swing Reach Truck Heated Seat Option

    Heated Seat

    The optional heated seat enhances operator comfort throughout the shift by providing some relief from the cold of freezer applications. Heaters are thermostatically controlled to shut off when the truck is being operated in non-freezer, ambient environments.

  • Raymond 9800 Swing Reach Turret Truck with Fork Positioner

    Fork Positioner/Fork Tilt

    The fork positioner option allows forks to be adjustable to an increased or decreased overall width, providing easier movement and storage of multiple width loads, with less possibility of product damage. Applications utilizing live racking can improve cycle times and reduce product damage with the integrated fork tilt unit. With an adjustable tilt angle of 4 degrees, operators can more precisely pick and put away loads.

  • Cold Storage

    Refrigerated warehouses, blast freezers, and other cold storage facilities require robust control systems. Raymond maintains its own cold storage test facility to replicate the harshest conditions; testing and proving our systems in extreme cycles of freezing and thawing. Raymond Swing-Reach trucks can be equipped with cold storage conditioning and heated cab options to enhance operator comfort in cold storage warehouses.

  • High Level Order Picking

    Boost throughput and pick rates with reliable, high performance Raymond Swing-Reach turret trucks. Lifting greater capacities to higher heights means greater order picking productivity for your operators. And, we can customize our vast selection of Swing-Reach trucks, including lift heights and performance packages to meet very narrow aisle needs and order picking requirements.

  • High Rack

    Engineered to lift heavy loads higher in a highly compact footprint, and to improve speed and efficiency in operations. This truck is suited for most existing very narrow aisle operations, and has the capacity to lift 3,300 pounds to 30 feet, and 2,500 pounds to nearly 50 feet.

  • Very Narrow Aisle

    With over 200 combinations of heights, features and capacities, Raymond's family of very narrow aisle forklifts and swing-reach trucks offer superior versatility and effective solutions, each improving the utilization of your warehouse space. The 9800 Swing-Reach truck can operate in an aisle as narrow as 60 inches.

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