Heavy-Duty Turret Truck

  • Raymond Transtacker TRT Turret Truck
    Raymond lift trucks are engineered for Eco-Performance

    Built-in DC Charger

    Operates on AC power in the aisle, which recharges the DC motor for power required outside the aisle.
    Built-in DC Charger
  • Raymond Transtacker TRT Turret Truck in Aisle
    Raymond lift trucks provide versatile material handling solutions

    Dual Purpose Design

    Combines high-density unit load handling with operator-up order picking versatility.
    Dual Purpose Design
  • Raymond Transtacker Regenerative Braking
    Raymond lift trucks are designed for ease of maintenance

    Regenerative Braking

    Reduces motor heat and extends motor brush life, requiring less maintenance and lower overall costs.
    Regenerative Braking
  • Raymond Transtacker Smooth Speed Control
    Raymond engineers productive lift trucks

    Smooth Speed Control

    Transistorized speed control provides smooth, variable control both inside and outside of the aisle.
    Smooth Speed Control
  • Raymond Transtacker TRT Swing-Reach Truck Operator's Compartment
    Raymond ergonomic lift trucks

    Comfortable Compartment

    Designed with comfort features to enhance operator performance and productivity.
    Comfortable Compartment
  • Raymond Courier Transtacker TRT
  • Raymond Transtacker TRT Turret Truck
  • Raymond Transtacker TRT Turret Truck in Aisle
  • Raymond Transtacker Regenerative Braking
  • Raymond Transtacker Smooth Speed Control
  • Raymond Transtacker TRT Swing-Reach Truck Operator's Compartment

Ultimate Storage Density

Maximize valuable space with narrower aisles and higher heights with the Raymond Transtacker. This heavy-duty, high density swing-reach turret truck combines case picking and unit load handling in aisles as narrow as 54 inches at heights up to 59 feet, for the ultimate very narrow aisle warehouse storage solution.
  • Battery: 36 volt
  • Capacity: 4,000 lbs
  • Elevated Height: 700" maximum
  • Power: AC/DC Power allows 24/7/365 operation
  • Aisle Width: 54" minimum

Built to Perform

  • Raymond Transtacker Maximum Cube Utilization 24/7 Operation
  • Raymond Transtacker operating outside of aisle on DC power
  • Raymond Transtacker Maximizes Warehouse Storage Density
  • Raymond Transtacker Operator in Compartment
  • Raymond Transtacker Programmable Performance Feature
  • Raymond Transtacker Fine Fork Positioning
  • Raymond Transtacker with Unique Wheel Arrangement
  • Raymond Transtacker Operator Up Turret Truck
  • Raymond Transtacker Compartment Ligihting
  • Raymond Transtacker Operator Display
  • Raymond Transtacker AC Powered Turret Truck
  • Raymond Transtacker Heavy-Duty High Capacity Turret Truck
  • Raymond Transtacker Heavy-Duty High Capacity Turret Truck

  • Raymond Transtacker TRT Turret truck with Orderpick Platform Configuration

    Order Pick Platform

    At the operator’s compartment helps to make storing pallets, picking cases or transporting loads effortless by allowing the operator to stand facing tractor first or forks first; or sit facing forks first.

  • Raymond Transtacker Turret Truck

    Various Compartment Configurations

    Available with various operator compartment configurations such as the 3-sided cab (shown), or the fully enclosed compartment option which is equipped with climate control and can reduce or eliminate the need for lighting, heating and air-conditioning costs in the storage area.

  • Raymond Transtacker truck with optional mini shuttle

    Mini Shuttles

    When handling multiple loads in applications such as stacker type racks, a set of mini shuttles engages loads on pallets with no bottom crossboards, or from underneath the pallet/skid or load itself. With mini shuttles, the load does not need to be rotated, allowing for faster load handling, and, in some cases, a narrower aisle.

  • Raymond Cold Storage Equipped Lift Trucks

    Cold Storage Conditioning

    Where there are requirements for a truck to operate outside the normal warehouse temperature range of 51°F to 110°F, such as in freezers, unheated warehouses, and refrigerated warehouses, the Transtacker Swing-Reach truck is available with cold storage conditioning to help maintain good truck performance.

  • Cold Storage

    Refrigerated warehouses, blast freezers, and other cold storage applications require robust control systems. Raymond maintains its own cold storage test facility to replicate the harshest conditions; testing and proving our systems in extreme cycles of freezing and thawing. Raymond Transtacker turret trucks can be equipped with cold storage conditioning and heated cab options to enhance operator comfort in cold storage warehouses.

  • Order Picking

    Boost throughput and pick rates with reliable, high performance Raymond Transtacker trucks. Lifting greater capacities to higher heights means greater order picking productivity for your operators. And, we can customize our vast selection of swing-reach trucks, including lift heights and performance packages to meet very narrow aisle needs and order picking requirements.

  • Very Narrow Aisle

    With over 200 combinations of heights, features and capacities, Raymond's family of very narrow aisle forklifts and swing-reach trucks offer superior versatility and effective solutions, each improving the utilization of your warehouse space.

  • Raymond Transtacker Very Narrow Aisle Truck

    The Raymond Transtacker can deliver incredible reach and power in aisles as narrow as 54 inches. This unique turret truck operates on AC power in the aisle, and is guided by a floor to ceiling mounted guide rack. Outside the aisle, the TRT Transtacker operates as a DC battery powered vehicle. While the Transtacker operates on AC power, the DC battery automatically recharges.

  • Raymond's intelliguide Wire Guidance System

    Raymond's intelliguide™ is a proven, reliable system for customers who are looking to maintain or improve profitability in their warehouse operations through better management of space, equipment, and people. Raymond's patented intelliguide system provides no-tune wire guidance with excellent tracking and stability for very narrow aisle forklifts.

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