Rack It Right
Protective Guards & Safety Accessories

  • ✔ Improve workplace safety

    ✔ Lower liability in the event of an accident

    ✔ Comply with current safety standards

    ✔ Increase lifespan of your rack systems

    ✔ Improve employee retention & morale

No damage is good damage!

  • Rack structures are designed for use in warehouse environments, employing well-trained material handling equipment operators handling stable pallet loads.   However, even with vigilant personnel, it’s not a question of “if” but “when” your rack will sustain a collision from forklift equipment.  Accidental impact by forklift equipment during pallet storage and retrieval operations is likely the cause of most rack damage.  Since damaged rack components can result in the storage system’s collapse, consideration should be given to purchasing rack protective guarding and safety accessories.  There is a wide selection of impact resisting / absorbing products that can be either rack or floor-mounted to help protect against costly rack replacement or repairs.

  • Protecting your storage rack investment with simple, cost-effective guards and safety accessories will improve workplace safety, especially in areas with high forklift traffic.   Rack post protectors provide impact protection at the most critical area of a frame post – near where it is anchored to the floor.   These safety components are typically constructed of thick steel plate that is formed around the front and sides of a post.   They are secured to the concrete floor with multiple anchors, independent of the rack structure itself.

    Row end protectors are heavy-duty rack guards provide impact protection at the most vulnerable areas of your storage rack systems - row ends and tunnel bays.    Typically constructed of structural angle and anchored to the concrete floor, they are easy to install and provide critical protection against accidental damage from fork trucks at both the front and side of end frames in single or double rack rows.   Painted in yellow, they are highly visible during warehouse operations.