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  • Rack Inspection Training

    Your steel storage racks are high-performance, load-bearing structures.  They are relied upon to safely support the significant weight of valuable product stored above warehouse personnel.   To ensure that storage racks are performing at their designed level of safety, routine inspections of these structures must be conducted.  In fact, provincial occupational health and safety regulators require that all or part of a workplace be regularly inspected, typically on a monthly basis.  To meet these obligations, ensure that your internal personnel are competent in the necessary skills and knowledge to properly inspect your very own storage rack systems.  At last - the Rack it Right team of professionals is here to help you identify issues of non-compliance, optimize your operations, and make recommendations to minimize potential workplace hazards.

    Rack it Right, Canada’s premier single-source provider of Storage Rack Inspections, Training and Engineering Services, has developed a comprehensive training program that will allow members of your Joint Health and Safety Committee and other staff, including lift truck operators, warehouse and maintenance managers, and business owners, to perform routine inspections of storage racks. The course covers all the key topics pertaining to the engineering design, fabrication, installation, use and, most importantly, the maintenance of these structures. It is delivered by one of the most respected industry expert engineers in North America and can be easily tailored to your facility’s specific needs. Whether you are new to warehousing or a proven veteran, this course will enable all attendees the necessary expertise to effectively inspect their storage racks with confidence. Call our number below to learn more!

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    Rack Inspection Training Agenda

    Rack it Right ™ has developed a comprehensive training program, Rack Storage Systems - Inspection Training, that will allow competent members of your Joint Health and Safety Committee to perform Routine Inspections of your storage rack structures.

    About the presenter

    Our training program has been designed with reference to the CSA A344-17, “User Guide for Steel Storage Racks”, by John Ferrari, Konstant’s Senior VP of Engineering. John is a Professional Engineer, well-regarded in the material handling industry with over 25 years of experience analyzing and designing innovative storage system solutions for some of the largest distribution centres across North America. John served as Chair of the CSA S16-14 Rack Structures Workgroup and is a member of the CSA A344-17 subcommittee. He is also an active member of the Specification Advisory Committees for the RMI (Rack Manufacturers Institute) and SMA (Storage Manufacturers Association) in the US. John continues to contribute to the development of key industry standards and regularly presents educational sessions on the safe use and maintenance of these high-performance structures.

    Who should attend

    Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Rack it Right’s rack inspection training sessions enable staff to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to identify hazards associated with storage rack systems and are catered to warehouse employees, facility inspectors, lift truck operators, H&S committee members / advisors, business owners, operation executives, warehouse and maintenance managers.

    What you will receive

    Our program is a one-day course where participants will receive a Certificate for their successful completion. In addition, a Rack it Right Rack Inspection Checklist will be provided to all attendees for their use at their workplace.

    Topics Covered:

    1. Introductions
    2. Rack Fundamentals
    3. Types of Storage Systems
    4. Rack Components
    5. Rack Engineering Design
    6. Rack Manufacturing and Installation
    7. Proper Use of Rack
    8. Rack Maintenance
    9. Performing an Inspection
    10. Rack Modifications
    11. Assessing Damage and Deficiencies
    12. Corrective Action - Repair / Replace
    13. Mock Inspection
    14. Rack Failures
    15. Responsibilities
    16. Rack Safety Accessories
    17. Final Thoughts

    Recommended Refresher Training - maximum every 3 years to ensure continued competence


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