Racking and Systems

Johnston Equipment offers a broad range of racking, shelving, and storage systems

  • Pallet Racking

    Efficiently store pallets one deep from the aisle while maximizing your use of vertical space with Johnston Equipment’s selective pallet racking. We offer welded or bolted trusses with four basic columns and an array of structural components.

  • High Density Racking

    Our high-density pallet racking significantly increases work flow and the number of pallet positions in your operation. Johnston Equipment designs custom high-density pallet rack storage solutions to your unique warehouse specifications.

  • Cantilever racking

    Cantilever Racking

    Safely store and access bulky or awkwardly sized or shaped products with Johnston Equipment’s cantilever racking. Cantilever racking uses warehouse space more efficiently, with no obstruction at the pick face and no horizontal space wasted with awkward posts and columns.

  • mezzanines


    Take advantage of unused overhead space with a warehouse mezzanine system. Johnston Equipment’s multi-functional, customizable mezzanines give you extra profit-generating floor space without taking away from your warehouse’s productive space or requiring a costly building expansion or relocation.

  • Picking Systems

    Picking Systems

    Our wide range of deep lane pallet flow systems can meet the needs of any warehouse operation. Johnston Equipment offers single lane rollers or full width rollers, all with in-line brakes to avoid runaway pallets.

  • Radioshuttle

    Raymond Radio Shuttle

    Johnston Equipment’s Radioshuttle system lets you store multiple pallets in a high-density, deep lane configuration. You will be able to retrieve pallets from any lane with multiple SKU locations and without driving into the system.

  • Used Racking

    Reduce your costs significantly with high-quality used racking. Johnston Equipment is the largest supplier of used racking in Canada, and our branches nationwide offer an assortment of used racking and shelving to meet your budget.

  • Shelving


    Johnston Equipment provides industrial-quality shelving built for the heavy loads found in warehouses and distribution centres. Choose from different gauges of steel to find a solution ideal for the amount of weight your shelving needs to bear.

  • Modular Workstations

    Modular Workstations

    Increase productivity and efficiency with a workstation customized to your needs. Johnston Equipment offers a wide variety of ergonomic workstation solutions, from basic and durable workbenches to sophisticated high-efficiency modular workstations.

  • Racking safety and security

    Safety and Security

    Johnston Equipment provides secure storage for tools, parts, documents, or any other needs with our wire mesh partitions. From specialized situations to general lockup areas, we can ensure your operation has safe and secure storage.

  • Hand Pallet Jacks

    Hand Pallet Jacks

    Johnston Equipment provides your operation with any storage accessories that you need. We offer hand pallet trucks, rolling ladders, and more.

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