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  • Raymond Courier Automated Lift Truck
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  • Automated Forklifts – Consistent, Productive Operation

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Détails techniques

  • Dispatch

    Operator use the operator interface to identify the start, drop and end locations for the route. Operators then press the green start button to dispatch the truck on a selected route.

  • Localization

    The navigation system on the Raymond Courier compares visual and odometry data, such as steering angle and speed, with data learned when a route is first programmed.

  • Navigation

    Once a truck is dispatched in automated mode, the navigation system calculates the shortest path within the programmed route network.

  • Behaviors

    Behaviors that can be programmed into truck routes include pauses, slowing down, horn honks, wait and ramps.

  • Obstructions

    The primary obstruction sensor identifies obstructions in a truck's path. If an obstruction is identified in the slow field, the Raymond Courier will reduce travel speed to 1.1 mph. The slow field turns with the truck around corners. If an obstruction is detected within the stop field, the Raymond Courier will come to a stop.

  • Fleet Management

    Supervisor software monitors, controls and provides real-time vehicle data through a comprehensive web-based fleet management application accessible from any web-enabled computer or mobile device.

  • Raymond Courier automated pallet truck

    Horizontal Transport

    Raymond Courier automated lift trucks provide a flexible, cost-effective, automated solution for repeatable horizontal transport tasks. Specific guidelines for each model and capability can be obtained from your local Raymond Sales and Service Center. The 3010 automated pallet truck is suited for distribution operations, including putaways, dock-to-aisle, long hauls, cross-docking and staging loads for shipping.

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